Ruth and Esther Theater
Thursday, June 13, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn
Bro, you've faced armies. . .    
Why are you scared of a girl?    
The Best Buds Scene
The Story: Boaz is miserable.
He blew it. His best friend Levi
encourages him to go to the girl, kiss and make up. 
 You can also listen to Might Have Been by playing the below "TV":

So, what are you going to do?
I want to drink and sleep and never wake up. 
You know, you could look at the bright side of this . .
. . huh?
. . well, if she hates you . . she must really like you . . .
Didn't you realize that she was sweet on you?
Look, just talk to her. .
And tell her what? I was kissing another woman because . . .
I admit, it's a little tough. 
          Might Have Been
     And tell her what? . . .
     I was kissing another girl because . . . ?
Vocals: Ky Fifer/Thomas Slater
 I once dreamed
of the man, I wanted to be.  
A man of God,         
with a home and family.
But as, so often,
happens in life,
My dreams were deferred,

I never took a wife. 

And the cruelest words 
I've ever heard . . .
Are those immoral, immortal words -
            They are: "What might have been"     
For we're just men
full of "might of beens".
Feet of clay, full of sin. 
For I know that I'm unworthy of
a girl like her, and her love.
            "Remember when?"
            "Let's be friends."
            "Might have been."
Ya know, Boaz, it has been my experience
that the female of the species is capable of great forgiveness. 
They want to forgive us.  It's in their nature.
And this explains you and Rachel?
Well, they have their limits . . . .
after about the thirty-fifth time they
quit believing you quite as readily.
. . Uh huh. So, what you gonna do?
. . maybe try to change -- not sure I can. 
Maybe try to win her back -- not sure I can
do that either . . .  it's a tough sale, but just because
I've blown it, doesn't mean you have to?
. . she deserves someone her own age. .
Shouldn't she have a say in that?
Before 'goodbye'
Why don't you try --
Tellin' her the truth?
Tell her ya need her --                        
            Say: "I love you, Ruth."
For every man who lives is a tarnished knight,
Not one in a million ever gets it right.                       
So, get off that high horse you ride,              
Join the ranks of the fallen, who still took a bride.
How can she love me when I've show my true face?
I'm unworthy, I'm a disgrace.
  At Levi's Dinner:
                   You have been choosen for a divine romance.
                   Don't throw it away, give it a chance.
 Boaz:     How could she love me?
 Levi:      She'll always love you.
 Boaz:     How could she love me?
 Levi:      She'll always love you.

                     Love makes all of us fools.

No, I'm the king of "Might Have Been".
Lost at love, once again.
"Remember when?"
"Let's be friends."
"Might have been . . ."No, I'm the king of "Might Have Been".
So, you're running away?
If I stay, it'll be uncomfortable for her.
She may leave. Here, she's safe.
And alone. Boaz, you've faced armies,
why are you scared of facing a girl?
With armies you only die once.