Ruth and Esther Theater
Saturday, May 18, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn



Story Synopsis  

          Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, move to Bethlehem in an attempt to rebuild their lives after the death of their husbands.   Ruth's loyalty and love for Naomi leads her to seek the God of Abraham.  
       She meets and falls in love with a shy local farmer, Boaz. He’s always dreamed of a girl like her. But, being older, he feels she deserves someone younger and stronger than him. Naomi declares: “His heart is thumping but he is doing nothing!”    
      Men! Oy vey!
      Boaz’s foreman, Levi, is having problems of his own. His long-time girlfriend, Rachel, has given him an ultimatum: marry her, or else. 
      He wants to sell spinach. She dumps him.  And, on the rebound, puts the moves on Boaz!  
      Ruth is not amused. 
      Fortunately, Naomi has an audacious plan that will either secure Ruth’s future or get her ostracized by the town’s moral guardians (and lead gossips) – the feisty Jewish grandmothers.
     While loosely based on the Biblical short story of Ruth, this is a love story. Of two couples. Of a young woman for her "Mom" and of that mother for her "daughter". Of God for His people.
     The play combines traditional Broadway style melodies (think Rodgers & Hammerstein) with humorous songs reminiscent of Gilbert & Sullivan, with a bit of Gospel and Jazz thrown in for fun.    
     In the end, faith, hope and love triumph over prejudice, fear, and insecurity. 
     To read some of the scenes and listen to portions of the music go to the various pages listed above at the top left corner of this page.  If you've only got time for a couple, I recommend two of the following:  I Will Never Leave You, A Bride Tonight! (comic), He's the One, Hope in the Darkness. 
     When listening, it's generally better to play the "E-zeikel TV" if it's available (so you don't leave the page).  If not, then normally it's best to play the MP3 in a separate tab.  With standard cable internet, allow 20 seconds for the song to download (some of them take a while) before giving up.