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   Men!  Why did God Create them?
   Ya can't live with'em or without 'em
   What'cha gonna do?
   I can't believe that God made you!

Act 2, Scene 1:  Giving Her the Nudge

The StoryRuth enters fuming -- at the end of Act 1 Rachel breaks up with Levi and then -- on the rebound -- kisses Boaz.  Ruth walks in.  As Act 2 starts, she is like the children of Israel in the desert –- she IS NOT a happy camper.  

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   Vocals:   Barbara Richardson
Oh, men!  Why did God create them? 
What was He thinkin'  of?  
You smile and you flirt,  
but they're mostly jerks.   
They'll drop you in a second just to chase some skirt. 
Love's music starts,                                                                                                                                     
ya give him your heart.
Then they go and blow it and tear it apart.
Oh, Men . . .                                                               
What's the matter with them?
Why can't they be true?
I can't believe that God made you!                                       
Ruthie, Ruthie. What is all this commotion? What are you doing?
Just cleaning.
(She picks up a salt shaker or other table ornament she knocked over)
Ruthie, if you keep cleaning like this, soon there will
be nothing to clean. Everything will be broken. Now, tell me child, what is bothering you?
Nothing . . . Oh, today in the fields . . . We talked and he smiled and . . .
and then I left . . and came back . . and HE and SHE and THEY . . And OOOOHHH 
(She may grab and shake Naomi) 
Ruthie, I think I understand.  Only a man could be so frustrating. 
I used to feel the same way about my husband,
may he rest in peace . . tell me . . is this about Boaz?
Well . . Yes . . No. I mean he's not mine. . We're just friends. 
He can find someone . . anyone . . JUST NOT HER.
Or anyone else?
 (Under her breath or nod/shrug.)
Ruthie, it is time for you to face how you feel about this man. 
And this woman, too.  Was she a friend?
(Below: Ruth mutters, seethes, glares and generally acts frustrated.)  
I thought she was. 
And so she made a play for your protector. 
Now, how did you feel about this so-called
friend, when she made such a play?
I wanted to pull her hair out. 
I understand.  That is normal. . . when we are in love. 
Tell me, did he ever make a play for you?  Ever kiss you?
Mom . . Never . . 
Mom, I think I'd have to walk him to first base. . .
He'd probably never want to go there anyway.
Ruthie, he's a man. . .
Now, far be it from me to ever tell you what to do. 
Never would I do such a thing.  But, do you want this man? 
 (Ruth sheepishly shrugs and/or nods.) 
Are you willing to fight for him?
Fight for him?
It's not as hard as it sounds -- you don't have to
pull out anyone’s hair . . but you must let him
know that you vant him and if he vants you . . wellll. .
I'd rather pull out my own hair.
I know.
Ruthie, throughout history men and woman have been having fights . . . 
And making up.   But someone has to reach-out to make up.
Now, let me tell you . . with the young men, the
problem is keeping them away from the girls (you know this, right?).
But with the older men, like Boaz, OY! --
sometimes they are rooted like sycamore trees to their habits!
Well, I will tell you how to pull him out of the rut of his habits . . and into your arms.
  A Bride Tonight! can also be heard on the below "TV"
OK, so he's a little old . . but he's got a farm . .
a beach house in Tel Aviv . . a mother-in-law cottage . .
What's not to like? . . It's not like he's a hippy or
a writer or (may it never be!) an actor . . 
          A Bride Tonight
 Vocals:  Jan  Powell as Naomi; Barbara Richardson as Ruth 
(Lyrics reflect Eastern European accent, you may adjust)
   (Spoken and becoming lyrical quickly)
Shall I not get you security,
for you have been so good to me?
Now, if you vant his hand to vin,      
just listen to me, 'cause I know men. 
So, put on a pretty dress                    
and stick out your chest,                              
for you will vant to look your best.               
Just remember, it's not a sin                   
to set the hook and reel him in.                       
And you could be a bride tonight!
   Ruth:  (Oh, I could be a bride tonight.) 
I've seen the vay he's looking
whenever you valk by,
a longing anticipation,        
he's yours if you just try.
So, if you vant him to take to the plunge,
you must give him the nudge
and you could be a bride tonight!
            Ruth: (Oh, I could be a bride tonight!)
I've seen the vay you sparkle
whenever you think of him.                                                   
And though you try to hide it,      (Naomi giggle #1)
I know that stupid grin.               (Naomi giggle #2)                                                              
So if you vant to vare his ring            
you must tell him everything --
and you could be a bride tonight!
            Ruth: (I might just be a bride tonight!)          
Naomi:                                                            Ruth:
If you vant to vare his ring                                If I want to wear his ring    
you must tell him everything --                         I must tell him everything                 
and you can be a bride!                                                                                            
                                                                       (I could be a bride!)                             
Oh, such a pretty bride!                                 
                                                                       (I just might be his bride!)
You vill be a bride tonight!                               I will be a bride tonight!
Tonight!                                                           Tonight! 


So what should I do?
Tonight, they celebrate the barley harvest. He will be there. 
Now . . you must look your best.  So, wash yourself, put on your
best dress and a touch of perfume.   Then go to the farm . . but don't let him know you are there. 
Then, after he lies down, uncover his feet . . lie beside him . . . he will tell you what to do. 
(Amazed and sputtering. She may recoil or use a few hand motions before she finally talks.)
. . . . . YOU . . YOU want me to lie down beside a man in
the middle of the night and do whatever he tells me? 
Uh. . . 
Child, do not worry. 
Some men can be trusted at 2 in the morning. 
. . . that's not what my father said. 
(Naomi sighs slightly and gives Ruth a knowing look) 
My child, every day I hear you singing.   Every day Boaz has
other fields to visit. He stays here. 
He stays here for you. He’s in love with you. 
(Ruth in disbelief.) 
He's in love with me?
These eyes may be old, but they are not so old
that they cannot see the signs of a man in love. . . 
And a woman in love, too, I think.  Hummm?
But why didn't he say something?
Child, men do not speak just with their mouths. 
Where does he spend his time? 
With you. 
All summer Boaz has protected you in the fields. 
His men would not be so clumsy with the grain unless they
knew what their master wanted. 
Some men send flowers . . he sends barley and wheat. 
I can eat the barley and wheat.  It is more practical. . .  (this line omitted on demo)
Now, you must go to where you belong. 
Into the arms of a good man.
(Ruth nods. Contemplates. . . . for intro music to "He's the One".)
But . . but what will I wear? . . if . . if I go.
What about that blue dress you always used to wear at festivals?
I gave it away . . when we left. 
I could only carry one bag. 
The only nice dress I have is the one . . .
the one I was married in . . I can't . .
Yes you can. I can shorten it in no time. 
My son will not be disgraced by your wearing a dress of love. 
May this dress of love tie you to the past . . and to your future.
(Naomi takes a package/box from a cabinet. Ruth is a bit overcome, as she
hasn't touched the dress since coming to Bethlehem. 
It’s faded white or cream, suitable for dancing later.)
It's faded.
Everything fades. Our memories. Our lives. 
But your love, it is as brilliant as a spring day after the rain . . .
Besides, you would look good in gunny sack.
I can't . . I can't wear white . .
Oh Mom, he probably only wants a girl who can.
You are still as a pure today
as the first time you wore that dress . . .
And I've only got my work shoes.
He von't be looking at your shoes.
Oh, if the gossips find out . . . 
 (Ruth shakes a little) 
Then they will talk. Let them. Let them talk about the
faith and love of my Ruthie!   My Ruthie . . my good girl who would
not stand back and let life pass her by. 
For when she saw love she reached out to grab it! 
Let them talk about that!
 Mom, if I get a reputation . . some men . . .
Mom, I'm scared. 
(Naomi may use her finger to point/touch Ruth's heart near end.)
(Music begins.  Dialogue included on He's the One! MP3.)
(includes dialogue as intro begins) 
               He's The One! can also be played on the below "TV"
Love casts out all fear, child. 
Now, in how you behave when you are there,
be true to your God. Be true to the memory of your husband, my son. 
But, also, Love . . be true to your heart.
      He's the One!
Vocals:  Barbara Richardson & Jan Powell
If I make a suggestion,                                              
will he pop the question?                                           
Or, will he bolt and run?                                            
If I tell him the truth,
is it, "Goodbye, Ruth?"
Some play with your heart for fun.
Is it just a fantasy
that, perhaps, he cares for me?
I wouldn't try
with another guy.
Something tells me that he is the one!
Inside, my heart is throbbing.
I aspire to acquire his name.   
In the morning will I be sobbing? 
This plan is a little insane! 
Never would I tell you what to do!                     
Can I be his fair princess?      
Or does he want a mistress?
Am I just another toy?                                                           
Will he hold and protect me,
or use and reject me,
like so many old grown up boys?                 
(Ruth)                                                                          (Naomi)
Is it just a fantasy                                                         Doesn't your heart tell you it's true?
that, perhaps, he cares for me?                                     That this man is in love with you?
I wouldn't try                                                                You've gotta try
with another guy.                                                         'Cause he is the guy.
Something tells me that he is the one!                           I'm telling you he is the von!
(Interlude.   Choreography -- Naomi and Ruth will waltz back and forth with Naomi
holding out the dress and Ruth backing away from it and then moving towards it --
she is both repulsed and attracted to the dress and this plan.)
(Ruth)                                                                          (Naomi)
Hopes, dreams, yearning,                                             Love song calling . . .
Can't be ignored.                                                          You are his dove.
Bridges burning.                                                           Quit your stalling . .               
Can't be as it was before.                                              Reach out, reach out, for love!          
(Naomi -- feigning exasperation -- dramatically starts to fold the dress to put it away. 
Ruth seizes dress. Pause. Lights adjust to mostly spotlight her.)
Perhaps I'll be left
in my distress
on a pillow wet with tears.
But I've just gotta try,
'cause he is the guy!
Something tells me that he's the one!
(Lights fade.)
The Team:
Dennis L. Dunn:  Words & Music
Piano Arranged by: John Pattison, Kara Leinonen, Brian Swearingen (Men!)
Orchestration:  Chris R. Hansen (Michigan), Jacob Zimmerman (A Bride Tonight!)
Additional Arranging/Orchestration:  John Livingston, Michelle Tamir & Karlee Cohen (Notable Score, Tacoma, Wash.)
Vocals:   Barbara Richardson & Jan Powell
Additional Dialogue:  Megan Murphy Rickman
Recording: Ky Fifer 
Web Design:  Dennis Dunn (using