Ruth and Esther Theater
Saturday, May 18, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn
Something startled him and there was a woman!
Love Under the Stars
       The moment of truth has arrived. Ruth stealthy approaches Boaz’s bed under the stars.  She sighs. She uncovers his feet and lies down beside him. But he doesn’t wake up – too much cider.
      She smiles, looks up to heaven and repeats Naomi’s words with a smirk: “If you want him to take the plunge . . give’em the nudge.” She elbows him hard and lays down quickly, feigning sleep.
      He wakes up, startled. Then he sees -- a woman!  In his bed!  He stares and a host of thoughts run through his fuzzy brain: “How much did I drink? . . . What have I done? . . and how could I not remember? . . .” 
       But then she speaks. He recognizes that voice. As beautiful as a nightingale to his ears, as he realizes why she’s there: She still loves him. 
            Like a 50s movie he covers her with his coat. She beckons him to move a little closer.
            (Coyly)      Ruth:        You can touch me if you want. . . a little . . .
                            Boaz:       . . a little would be perfect . .
            (Softly)     Ruth:       . . thank you . .
            Naomi was right: Some men can be trusted at 2 in the morning. The couple share their first kiss, a dance, and a song.
            Before the sun comes up, Boaz encourages Ruth to return home to protect her reputation.   
            But she’s lost a shoe. And -- being poor -- she only has one pair.   (Boaz: “So, my princess is leaving me a shoe?  How romantic. . . .”)
            Oh well, the shoe will turn up. . .
Note # 1: This scene is to play out somewhat like that of the Captain and Maria in The Sound of Music when they confess their love and sing “Something Good”. Rodgers set the example: it has to be a waltz.
Notes #2:  The first few words of the song were edited after the demo tape to make it a bit more PG than PG-13.
          Your Love is Sweeter
Vocals: Bradford McKeown and Jessie Stanley
Boaz (B)
Older, not wiser, not good enough for you.
Ruth (R)
Don't say that, my precious . .           
            (Both) You're my dream come true.
Kinsmen, protector, my bashful Knight,
You're the one I longed for, my Mr. Right.
(R & B)
Your love is sweeter than fine wine
     Kiss me, caress me, let me know you are mine.
(R & B)
Let your arms surround me, let me feel the bliss,
of the touch of a lovers' first kiss.
(Musical Interlude while they waltz)
(Ruth)  (may be spoken)
I want your ring.
I want your name.
Honey, I want you.
And then there's some play'n we're gonn'a do. . .
            (Boaz gulps)
Your love is sweeter than fine wine.
Kiss me, caress me, let me know you are mine.
(R & B)
Hold me in your arms and never let me go. . . .
But I long for "I do", all of you to know.
A Virtuous Woman!
          Now about that shoe . . . well, the other one is about to drop. 
          Because Sarah got up early to feed the cows and -- although it was foggy -- she’s sure she saw a women leaving Boaz’s place about daybreak. The young lady was wearing a light dress and headed towards Naomi’s section of town.  
          Hummm . . .
          The Jewish grandmothers set out to find this person and they have a pretty good idea who it was. 
          What’s more, the young maiden had to be up to something because she left with only one shoe, as shown by the tracks leading towards  . . .
          So, they are on the lookout for a young girl, with one shoe, some extra grain and a light dress. 
          Unfortunately for Ruth, the shoe fits.  
                                And if she left a shoe, what else did
                  she leave behind? . . . Hummm? 
          Naomi assures the ladies that Ruth would be “Shocked! Shocked!” if anyone ever suggested she visit a man late at night unchaperoned. Naomi can vouch that she watched Ruth go to bed last night and Ruth laid down right where Naomi told her to. “She is such a good girl.”
          Truer lies have seldom been told.
          Fortunately for Ruth, Levi, who couldn’t sleep, also saw her leave Boaz’s place and he’s on her side.
            Ruth manages to change into her work cloths, hide the grain (sorta), and put on the new shoes Levi sneaks to her.
            The Jewish grandmother’s still have their eyebrows raised but can at least be persuaded to turn their attention to a list they are working on: The Virtuous Women (see Proverbs 31).
            Note: The demo tape was prepared without the spoken dialogue during the interludes, so please follow along.
A Virtuous Woman  
. . . .
They've been preparing a scroll for Sabbath. 
It was my idea. Of what a good woman of God is like! 
Grandma #1:
A gracious woman.
Grandma #2:
A noble woman! 
(Skeptically)       A woman of virtue.
And why do we need such a list?
We want to teach our sons what to look for. 
Men can be such boobs.
Grandma #1:
Especially when they're staring at a pair of . . .
(Sadie steps on her foot.)  
So we made a list. 
It looks really long.
Well, we would not want our good men marrying woman
of questionable character. 
Grandma #2:
A girl who would go sneaking around at
night doing who knows what.
                                                            The Virtuous Woman
Well, it's sacred duty, that we have just begun
To insure our hamlet's virtue,
      and decide who we should shun.
For society's morals are a fallen sad disgrace.
We must uphold the virtue, of our chosen race.
      We must uphold the virtue, of our chosen race!
For a virtuous woman is a gift from God.
Her husband calls her blessed, it’s posted on his blog.          
                                    (Ruth: What's a blog?)
And we are the grandmas who enforce God's Holy plan.
To put down sin across the land.
            God needs our helping hand! 
(2) (Sadie)
A virtuous woman, who can find?
Her worth is more than rubies, or a diamond mine.
(Grandma #1)
She works with a needle, flax and thread.
And so we made a list!   Of what a "Virtuous, Gracious, Humble" woman would be!
"Clearly, someone like me!"  
She brings home the mutton, she cooks fresh bread. 
(Grandma #2)
A good girl won't flirt or call a guy.
(Grandma #1)
She'll never show cleavage (Grandmas gasp)
          or a leg to catch his eye. 
(Grandma #3)
She'd won't giggle or wink to turn his head.             
(Grandma #2)
She won't see his bed, 'til she's hap'ly wed.
            (Grandmas look suspiciously at Ruth)
(All Grandmas)             
            (Until she hap'ly wed!)          
 For a virtuous woman is a gift from God.
How'd that man get her?  He eats just like a hog.
And if you peer with discretion, it's very clear to see.
That the virtuous woman looks a lot like me.
            G #1                G #2                G #3
            Modesty.         Humility.         Purity.
            She looks a lot like me!
Now one aspect of virtuosity
is knowing mum when von should be.
Does a lost shoe prove lost modesty?
Or lost purity?
       (Grandmas) (Purity!)
Now, we must act prudently
and consider as a group.
How we vonce behaved stupidly
'fore our bod's began to droop.
Now, there are some things that I can share
'bout when we were young, and let down our hair.
Now you von't mind, and you von't care,
Should I our dirty laundry air.
            Just what would she share?
                                    (May crack on "share")
Now, uh, Naomi, your Ruthie is a good girl. 
I'm sure nothing happened last night. 
I heard it was a gray dress.
Grandma #1:
I heard purple.
Probably someone just chasing a cow that got out of it's pen and they lost a shoe.
Oh, well. We will never know who that girl was . .
(Grandmas all shrug and/or turn their palms up.)  
. . it's a mystery . .
(4) (Sadie)
So, about this morning and the missing shoe.
Perhaps nothing happened, it isn't News.
(Grandma #2)
Perhaps we are talking about a sin that's small.
(Grandma #1)
And from grace a good girl did not fall.
(Grandmas, plus Naomi)
For a virtuous woman, can still have fun
a little harmless flirting won't offend the Holy One.
And while we have great discretion and vast humility,
that isn't what most young men wish to see.
(G #1)              G #2                G#3
Modesty.         Humility.         Purity!
Now what most young men wish to see! 
(Grandmas & Naomi)
For a virtuous woman will reach out for love,
When it's needed, she'll give her man a shove!
And should she stumble, God won't throw her overboard.
'Cause the virtuous woman loves the Lord!
(Lights or curtain go down on them. Check prior directions for Ruth.)