Ruth and Esther Theater
Thursday, June 13, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn


I can live for two months on a good compliment.
-- Mark Twain   

What People Say:         


      Plays are built on dreams, money, determination, and the support of friends and family.

     So many of the people who have reviewed or been involved in this project have come to love the music and story.

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When I come in and see that one of Dennis’ tunes is on the “to-do” list, I smile.  I love working on his music.  Then I read the notes and it says: “Dennis wants to improve on . . .”   I nod: “OK.”  
Then I listen.  And I go, “Uh . . . you want to improve on that!?!  It's already so good.”  But then we do.
The stuff that Dennis throws away as “not good enough” is better than 95% of the best stuff other people write.
                                                       ---       Karlee
"The thing about Ruth and Esther is that the songs are extremely melodic which isn’t something I’ve heard come out of Portland Oregon in the last few years.  Many of the ballads especially have a classic quality that gives the listener a lift while also pulling them into what these characters are feeling. 
The ladies especially seem to have some very memorable melodies that are skillfully grafted onto the sentiment of the story being told. There’s a healthy dose of humor in many of these songs too.  There’s something for everybody here.”
                                                       ---     Ky Fifer, Portland Actor and Recording Studio Owner
Working with Dennis and his musical scores has been an exciting, collaborative process.  Through his positive (and witty) guidance, Dennis has allowed us to independently work with his ideas and melodies.  This has given way to musical freedom and thus a more creative experience.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing our contributions develop into beautiful music and continuously admire the talent that Dennis puts forth in his works.
I went to Disney’s Tangled right after it came out and all the time I was watching it, I was thinking “Dennis' stuff is better!”  I couldn’t say enough about it! Disney would be well advised to get Dennis under contract, and quickly!  His unforgettable songs feature musical hooks, funny or inspiring lyrics, and multi-dimensional characters that actors can sink their teeth into.
I love musical theater (and working with composers of musical theater)!  One of the surprises I’ve found is how many shows can make it on one good song. But the best musicals (Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, The Music Man) have about 5 great songs.  When I listen to Ruth, I think there are as many as 9 songs that could become standards!  They include: I Will Never Leave You, Won't Regret, A Bride Tonight, He's the One!, Might Have Been, Every Choice I Lose, Hope in the Darkness, Your Love is Sweeter, and I Know.
Part of the wonder of this music is that it deals with real people with real problems.  The lyrics say something about the characters and the human condition. They are uplifting or funny or break your heart beautiful.
This is great music!
                                                       --  Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D.
                                                           Notable Score Music Transcription Services
I’ve been transcribing music for several years and have been playing a variety of genres of music my entire life. One of my joys the past year is coming in and getting to work on this music. 
                                                     --           Michelle