Ruth and Esther Theater
Sunday, July 14, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn
The Story:
As Act 1 draws to a close, Rachel gives Levi an ultimatum: "Marry me, or else!"
(Don't worrry, it'll all work out for our secondary leads.)

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Act 1, Scene 8
Look, I know the hours are long. 
But the sacrifices are for you, too.
Sure.  Look, my life is slipping by. 
I want a home. .  Kids. .
And it’s never enough!
First, you wanted a house . .
. . it's a shack.
. . when you got that, some land, and
when you got that you wanted more land . .
Just how much more do you have to have? 
I don't know . . 'just a little bit more' . .
Well, I can't wait any longer. 
Levi, money has become your god. 
And gods demand sacrifices . . well . . I guess . . I'm it.  
Won't Regret
(Vocals: Jessie Stanley)
We had a nice dance.
A fine romance.
Some laughs and some playin' around.
Some passionate nights,
everything seemed right,
and my knight I thought I'd found.
So, I won't regret the heartache.
Won't regret the tears.
Won't regret the nights spent in your arms.
Won't regret I shared your bed.
My reputation shred.  
Won't regret I succumbed to your charms.
But I regret that I must leave you. 
   Regret that I must go.
Regret I won't believe your lies,
but, you ought'a know . . .
(that. . )   You were the only one for me.
When I awake you're the face I want to see.
You're the one I pined for.
You're the one I'd die for.
You're the one I waited for -- too long.
Rachel . . please not like this . . I . . I love you.
I know. I love you, too.  But I'm not
living like this any more. 
Oh, and by the way --
 (she raises her ring finger and points to it)
 see this finger? -- you can forget about making
any more music with me
until you see a ring on this finger!