Ruth and Esther Theater
Sunday, July 14, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn
Act 2, Scene 3:   Facing A Secret 
         On her way to Boaz’s farm, Ruth meets Rachel who apologizes and
   assures Ruth that Boaz only has eyes for her. 
         Rachel explains that she hasn’t been herself lately . . she’s been
   sick . . she’s been “late” . . “late with everything”.  
         Ruth gives an inquiring look and Rachel -- who wanted to talk --
   admits she’s pregnant. She’s considering an abortion. She doesn’t want
   to use a child to pressure Levi into marriage – he should love her for her. 
         Ruth’s heart breaks as she’s hears Rachel’s story.  Ruth’s wanted
   a child for years.  Yet she understands where Rachel is coming from –
   Rachel’s broke and alone and it’s a cruel world for single mothers.  
        Ruth tells Rachel of her own experiences with depression: her husband’s death, living in poverty, being barren.  But she felt God’s love and support in those tough times.
        Ruth offers her friend all that she has: her love, her support, her God. 
        It may not be enough for Rachel, but it’s all Ruth has to give.  She ends her song with:  "Please wait 'til tomorrow before you decide.  My God has wings where you're welcome to hide."
Lyrics and MP3 of the songs are below.
You may also play "Every Choice I Lose" by playing the below "TV"
(Below done freely/improvisational Jazz.)
            Every Choice I Lose
Vocals: Mandy Cook
I dreamed of a home and family.
A life with my love and my kids,
Oh, why can't it be?
But now I'm alone
a baby inside.
No hopes, no dreams,
and no place to hide.
Oh God, what should I do?
I never really learned to call out to you.
Oh God, which path to choose?
Regret or rejection await,
Every choice I lose. 
I guess I could run.
But where would I go?
To live with the shame
and the scandal that everyone knows.
A child needs a dad,
but this man's unfit.                           
No way he'd play, provide,
or just babysit.
Oh God, what should I do?                       (Note:  This stanza was changed from when the demo was prepared.)
Is it too late for me to cry out to you?              
Oh God, which path to choose? 
A life on the line, plus mine,
Every choice I lose.
To drink of the vial
get on with my life.
A life with no love,                            
and no kids, and never his wife.
To live life alone.       
I won't let him in.
That selfish, greedy, lout,
I'm finished with men!                       
Oh God, what should I do?
There's something precious in me,
I don't want to lose.
Oh God, which path to choose?        
My wombs a tomb --
    (Spoken in a whisper)  I'm doomed --
Every choice I lose.
Rachel . .
You may also listen to Hope in the Darkness by playing the below "TV"
       Hope in the Darkness
Vocals: Barbara Richardson                                                   
I have felt the gloom,
the darkness that consumes,
the emptiness inside.
My husband in a tomb.
My unfruitful womb,
the wish that I had died.
But in my despair, God was there.
A still small voice, my grief to share.
And when I pray, I've heard Him say,

"I am with you. You're in my care." 

Can you wait a day, can you wait a week?
For the answer that you seek?
Hope sometimewill rise, through our teary eyes,
though our lives seem bleak.

  Friends:  Frances Marion & Mary Pickford

Frances:      Have you noticed how there's no "girl" Buddy
                    movies, or even stories?
Mary:           . . well, it's better than in our day . .
Frances:       Really?
Mary:           Sure, you've got Wicked, Thelma and 
                    Louise, Sex and the City. . .
Frances:      So, we've got witches, suicidal thieves and
                    narcissists chasing male eye candy?
Mary:           . . yeah. .
Frances:       Batman and Robin got to clean up Gotham . .
Mary:           . . Carrie got to shop there.
Frances:      Kirk and Spock got to "boldy go where no
                    man has gone before. . "
Mary:           . . Ruth and Naomi got to go to Bethlehem.
Frances:      I guess it's better than a mall.
                    Besides, it's a love story.
Mary:           But I like the Girl "Buds" part . .
Frances:      Me, too.
Mary:           Say . . uh, is this caption self-serving?Frances:      Probably, but if you spent 4 hours looking for                     some example of "girl buds" and you only                     get us and Sex in the City maybe you're
                    allowed to vent. 
Frances:       What about Rachel and Leah?
Mary:           Fighting over a man . . good thing they
                    didn't have Uzis back then . . there might
                    not have been any children of Israel . . .
There is hope in our darkness.
There is joy after tears.
There is help in each other,
as we face our fears.
And you are a friend to me.
I will be with you, whatever will be.
Please wait 'til tomorrow, before you decide.
My God has wings, where you're welcome to hide.
(They may give each other a hug.)