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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn
    The Story:  This song is intended to capture Ruth's wonderful words of love and loyalty: "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.  Your people will be my people and your God my God.  Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried.  May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me."  

                                    Ruth 1: 16(b)-17.

    The intro for the songs starts almost immediately after Trouble, Trouble and this answers Naomi's final question in that song:  "WHY VON'T YOU GO!!!!"    
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Act 1, Scene 1
 (Intro Music Starts; Ruth speaks through intro)
Mom, you've love me as your own.
You've taught me of your God.
I know what I want . . and I know what I'm doing.
 I Will Never Leave You
Words & Music by: Dennis L. Dunn
Vocals:  Barbara Richardson (Ruth) &  Jan Powell (Naomi)
I cleave,
Please believe,
I am determined, I will never leave.
Where you go, I'll go.
Where you stay, I'll stay.
Please, don't ever send me away.
Where you die, I will die.
In the grave beside,
that is where I will forever lie.
Well, I've heard you tell of a promise,
of a God who cares for me.
Of a God who stilled Abraham's knife,
and then parted the sea.
So, I will never leave, you.
I'll never go away.
'Til the grip of death, takes away my breath
I will stay.
Naomi:           You don't know what your doing --
Ruth:                           (Yes, I do.)
Naomi:           You don't know what you'll face --
Ruth:                           (Anywhere with you.)
Naomi:            You don't know how many will treat you with disgrace!
Oh, I know what I'm doing -- the challenges ahead.
I know of the life I leave behind.
But I seek a city, I'd rather have instead.
And only way I'm leaving you,
is if they're take'n me out dead!
Naomi: (spoken)
Don't you vant a husband?
(Spoken words become more lyrical, then sung)
A home, and family.
Don't you vant a future?
Some security?
Oh, I want to take hold of the Promise.
The one I see with my heart.
That the God who made the heavens and earth
of His Kingdom wants me a part! 
Ruth (Spoken)
Do you remember when we buried my husband?
The rain came as we walked.
A rainbow fell on the mighty tomb
that stopped our feeble talk.
And as the teardrops lingered --
as the clouds cried in the sky.
I looked to the heavens --
   from whence comes my help --                               
and I knew there is hope when we die.
So, I will never leave you.
Your land and God are my own.
For where there is faith and hope and love,
That's where I'll be home.      
 (Naomi finally nods agreement. Ruth takes her suitcase or pushes cart.
Leaving Naomi to follow. Naomi looks to heaven.)
Thank you.


Permission: The author grants permission for non-commercial presentations of Act 1, Scene 1 (for instance, by churches and synagogues). You may edit the script and songs. PDF files of music will be on the web site or may be obtained from the author. Please give program credit to the author and reference the play.  (Contact the author if you want MP3s or pdf files of the Orchestration score.)