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Sunday, July 14, 2024
Featuring the Creative Works of Dennis L. Dunn
By:  Deon Nuckols
Pencil by Verrykt, 2009

Esther: Free Purim Spiel

This version of the play is available to use as a free Purim script, provided that no ticket charges or donations are made in presenting the material. (However, if you charge or take donations or an offering, I'd like to be paid something.)

This play is intended to be faithful to the Biblical text, while still conveying the fun and humor of Purim. It contains original songs specifically designed for the play. It is hoped that in allowing the use of this material people will consider performing the complete play or my musical on Ruth.

You may also incorporate sections of the full script, if you believe a section of the material needs to be further developed (or you have more time).

MP3 files of many of the songs have been made which may help singers learn the tunes.

NOTE: In retrieving the material it is recommended that you retrive the material in a separate tab or window so that you will not exit from this page. If you do exit, using the back arrow will normally return you to this page.

Word file of Esther Purim Script, please click.

Available Esther pdf files of piano & vocals scores
and MP3s for Purim Script:
Song pdf files (click below to see): Song MP3 File (if available)
1. Opening
1. Opening (not yet recorded) (Esther)
2. Keep Our Women In Line
2. Keep Our Women In Line (excerpt only)
(King & Soldier) (Note: I'ved edited the song, new demo coming)
3. The Man of My Dreams
3. The Man of My Dreams (Excerpt only)
4. A Government Job
5. God Have You Deserted Me?
5. God Have You Deserted Me? (full song featured)
(Jews, Mordi solo, Note: Song is shorter in Purim version)
6. God Will Save His People
(Mordi & Esther)
7. This Could be the Day I Die
(Esther and Jewish Chorus)
8. Women!
8. Women! (King) (about 2 minutes)
This very fun is not in the standard Purim Script
(to keep it short) but the play may be exanded to include it.
9. The King's Lament
(King & Soldiers)
10. The Man of My Dreams (reprise)
10. The Man of My Dreams (not yet recorded)
11. Closing: God Will Save His People (reprise)
(Cast -- Note MP3 is of larger song done in full Finale)