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Queen Esther (pencil), 2009        
by: Verrykt        


 Esther: The Holocaust that Wasn't

Act 1 Songs

     In Act 1, the King deposes Queen Vashti, Esther is selected for the royal harem (she's not too trilled). 

     But once in, she's there to win.  Esther intrigues the King and the finds herself captivated by him, too (I've Never Felt Like this Before).  After being appionted Queen, Mordi learns of a plot on the King's life and reports it through Esther. 

     But Haman, a corrupt official (Get a Government Job) and enemy of the Jews, is appointed as Second in command to the King.  

     Furious that Mordi won't bow to him, Haman devises a plot to kill and plunder every Jew in the Kingdom.  The Act ends with the Jewish people reading the decree in dismay (God Have You Deserted Me?).  

1.      Keep Our Women in Line (excerpt) -- Comic

Do you remember that nice fairy tale about the handsome prince who was so Charming?   Well . . . this isn't that story.   At least at the beginning.  While our king really wants to do the right thing, you'd never know it from this scene.
You can take the boy out of the frat house . . but you can't take the frat house out of the boy.  When Vasti refuses to appear the king asks his advisors what should be done with such a women.  This is their incredibly politically Incorrect response.
(Alas, the demo tape is below our average quality but this is a really fun song.)
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(EXCERPT: 1:26)
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2.     The Man of My Dreams (Excerpt)
This beautiful melancholy song has Esther reminiscing about the life she hoped to have, with a man who loved only her. She recalls growing up, her teenage dreams and the guy hoped to marry. 
The full version of the song features a dance sequence with younger Esthers to represent these early years. A reprise near the play's end allows Esther to realize that although her knight is flawed: "When he found injustice / He reached out to help us / I've found the man of my dreams." 
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Vocals:  Jessie Stanley 
(EXCERPT 1:03)
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3.      I’ve Never Felt Like this Before (Long Excerpt)
A love song that plays thoughout the scene when the king and Esther meet. The song begins with the young Esther being advised not to be intimidated because the King is still "just a man."   
The king has been dealing with a litany of rich airheads.  So he's intrigued by Esther's humility and brains.  Esther maneuvers the conversation into questions about military strategy (knowing the king's interest). This leads to a choreographed pillow fight.  The king attacks to the William Tell Overture and Esther bests him with a bit of Tchaikovsky.  Between blows (where the excerpt picks up), the couple sing of their surprise at just how quickly they have been "mesmerized" by the other. 
Although the song plays in and out of the scene, I've included the singing portions here (the pillow fight accompaniment is excluded).
    Bradford McKeon
    Ally Hatcher
(EXCERPT 3:41)
4.     Get A Government Job!  -– Comic
OK, all of you budding villains -- this songs for you!  Put on your cape and black hat.
Get in touch with your inner villain, and Get a Government Job! 
Vocals:  Ky Fifer
5.     God Have You Deserted Me?  
This song ends the First Act of the full version of the play as the decree is read in the Jewish section of Susa. It also reflects the pain of wondering where is God, when you've tried to serve Him faithfully your whole life. As Gideon said: "Pardon me, my Lord. But if God is with us, why has all this happened? Where are all the wonders that our ancestors told us about?"