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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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 Esther:  The Holocaust that Wasn't

Story Synopsis        

By:  Deon Nuckols
Deon Kickols, aka the Emissary  

     The King of Persia is ticked.  His beautiful wife won't come when he calls. So he divorces her. (The King's a bit spoiled.)  His advisors are worried: What if ALL the women learned they could tell their husbands off?   Ut Oh.  The foundations of society would crumble.  They suggest the King hold a contest to pick a new queen. (Keep Our Women in Line!)

      Esther, a Jewish orphan raised by her cousin "Uncle" Mordi, is picked as a contestant.  She'd rather marry a nice Jewish boy (The Man of My Dreams).  But the law's the law.  She has to go.  Esther charms the King and wins the pageant. (I've Never Felt Like This Before.)

      On the advice of Mordi she conceals her Jewish heritage.

      Shortly thereafter Mordi learns of a conspiracy to kill the King.  He tells Esther.  She tells the palace guards.  They arrest the conspirators and the plot is foiled.  (Yea!)

     Years pass.  Haman, an enemy of the Jews, becomes second in command to the King.  Uncle Mordi refuses to bow to this enemy.  Now Haman is ticked. (He's a bit spoiled, too.)

     Haman decides to not just kill Mordi but to annihilate and plunder every Jew in the kingdom and he gets the King's approval to implement this cruel plan. 

     Mordi beseeches Esther to go to the King and plead for her people.  (God Will Save His People).   But the King's interest in Esther has waned.  (Did I mention he's spoiled?)  There is but one penalty if you show up unannounced and uninvited -- death.  Unless the King raises his scepter and grants clemency.

     But Esther courageously goes, anyway.  (This Could be the Day I Die).  Not wanting to tip her hand as to what's wrong, she invites the King and Haman to a series of banquets.  Before the night of the second banquet the King can't sleep.  To fight insomnia he has the royal records read (they always put him to sleep before).   He learns that Mordi saved his life and deserves to be honored.  The King decides Haman should do it!    

     The tables are turned.  Haman is given the job of honoring the man he sought to kill.

      At the second banquet Esther reveals the treat to her life and the lives of her people.  The King changes his mind.  The villain is foiled and all (other than Haman) live happily ever after (pretty much).


     To go the various section of the play click on the sections in the left top corner of this page or highlighted portions below:

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     5.     Full Esther Script (pdf).

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